Bright Side of Life Blogger XML Template

Demo site here : Download from here

Bright Side of Life is a fixed width, 3 column blogger template. Features a simple, clean and pleasant design with customizable image header. Suitable for personal and small-business website.3 column Bright Side of Life template designed by styleshout and Blogger template converted by Blogandweb. Via. Veerublog

Envision – 2 Column Blogger XML Template

Demo site here : Download from here

Envision is a clean, modern theme.. And this template was originally designed by styleshout Designs then Blogger template converted by Blogandweb


3 Columns Fervens Blogger XML Templates

Fervens is another excellent design of Design Disease and is converted for Blogger by BlogandWeb and under a license Creative Commons Fervens has 3 versions (3 columns, left & right,3 columns, left sidebars,3 columns, right sidebars) Via veerublog


Photofunia is which allows the effects to your photo look realistic. The variety of effects is astounding, so you should not have a problem finding one to suit your photograph.

On the site, you will be able to upload pictures of your face and add fun effects to it. Whether you want to alter your picture so it looks older, or stretch your face out to make you look like an alien, you will be able to do that and more on this site

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Diary of the Dead Zombie Face Changer

Diary of the Dead Zombie Face Changer – Takes a while to load but it’s worth the wait if you’re the type of sicko that enjoys mutilating their own photo to look like a dead person.

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Yearbook Yourself.

Find a picture of yourself looking straight at the camera and then go to Yearbook Yourself for a good laugh. The site morphs your picture into a classic looks from 1950 – 2000.

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