True Elegance-New Blogger XML Template

Demo site here : Download from here

WordPress True Elegance theme is a with elegant colours, style, and design. True Elegance is a 3-column wordpress theme with fully widgetized sidebars.Original designed and coded by Custom Theme Design True Elegance Blogger XML Template by Hajunik. Via Veerublog

Your Own Soft Drink Can Generator

Soda. Pop. Coke. Whatever you choose to call it, welcome to the Soft Drink Can Generator, where you can create your own brand of carbonated sugar water. Enter some text, choose an emblem, pick your colors and patterns, and click the ‘Go’ button. A soft drink can will be generated for you Via Veerublog

YourMagicPhoto Effects

YourMagicPhoto Effects that will let you come up with montages in a couple of seconds. In essence, this web-based service enables you to take a photograph and apply a specific montage backdrop from the ones on offer. Once this has been done, you can save the picture for posterity Via Veerublog