Avatar Yourself

James Cameron’s upcoming blockbuster “Avatar.” Sponsored by McDonalds Europe, Avatar Yourself widget is being released in a handful of languages. You can upload your photo into a Avatar yourself. Via: Veerublog


21 thoughts on “Avatar Yourself

  1. u can go to facebook and theres a group join it and prees avatar something and ull go to website hope that helpd ya 😛 reply to me if it did


  2. I loved this Avatar Yourself generator and made myself, but I just can’t save it!I emailed an ecard to my own email account but I was not able to save the image. Even opening the source code didn’t work. HELP!!! (Thanks)


    • kranthi, it’s very easy.
      Make a screenprint of it!

      When your picture is ready, push the ‘Print Screen’ button once.
      You can find it on your keyboard somewhere to the right of the function keys.

      Then open a graphics program such as Paint (if your running Windows).
      Then push the Ctrl +V key together.

      Your picture should appear on screen. You can then edit it and/or save it to your hard drive,


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