Morphthing – Baby Maker Yourself

Create your own baby maker with the ‘Morphthing‘ will show you exactly what your future child with another person will look like. They take both your photos, do some magic calculations, and congratulations! You have a new baby!

Just go to the “Start Morphing” page, select two parents – either from our celebrity photos or upload your own – and click the “Morph Baby” button. ( via: Veerublog )

Professional Magazine Style Blogger Template “Manchete”

This is a great work from TemplatesparaNovoBlogger. “Manchete” is a wonderful professional magazine style Blogger template exploits the most features of Blogger and is very useful for sites with many topics or content.This template was originally designed by TemplatesparaNovoBlogger. The original site is in Spanish, required translator.
(  via. Veerublog ) – Editing Photos An Easy And Fun Way

Citrify is a new photo editing service and editing photos  an easy and fun way  as it will not only empower you to do almost anything to an image but also share it on Facebook  by way of the app that is provided.

Some of the effects that this Ottawa-based startup will let you apply include turning the image into a pencil sketch as well as applying different shades and filters. There is even one named “Obamify”.

Besides, you can count of Citify to reduce wrinkles and glares as well as remove red eyes from your images, effectively putting an end to these pictures in which you look as if you and your friends had starred in “Twilight”. ( via. Veerublog )

Bwin Enter The Game

Enter The Game
application was powered by Oddcast, designed for Bwin,the online sports betting site. The goal your uploaded star scores is somewhere between impossible and incredible, and you’ll get a lot of “face time,” so to speak. Check out my World Cup Soccer star. ( via: Veerublog )