Google Indian Language Dictionaries

Google has added English to Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, and Bengali dictionaries and vice versa to its Dictionary section. Go to Google dictionary and click the drop down menu and hover the mouse on English. It shows available languages menu and from there you can select the language.

If you want to check the English word for one of the above languages, hover your mouse on your language and it opens another right-side menu where you can select Your Language>English. Use the Google Indic Transliteration Tool to type the word in your language phonetically and paste it into the Google Dictionary text box and click “Search Dictionary.”

If you are logged in, you can bookmark the searched words for future reference and also you can hear pronunciation of the English words.


Woxikon: Online Translator And Multi-Language Dictionary

woxiconWoxikon is an online translator and Multilingual dictionary.Once they select to translate the word, the user is provided with the translation in eight languages. Users may choose the language they wish to search for their word in. For example, a user wishes to find the translation for “profound.” That person select the English dictionary, enters in the word, and receives the translation not only in Spanish, but also in French, Italian, Portuguese, Swiss, Dutch, and German. Via: Veerublog