Stunning Looking Magazine Style Blogger Template “Novinture”


Novinture is a Stunningly looking Magazine Style Blogger Template looks very professional and an amazing slideshow.This template was originally designed by Camelgraph and Novinture Blogger Template converted into blogger XML format by Bloggertricks ( via. Veerublog )

15 Most blogger xml templates sites

15 Most blogger xml Templates sites for the new Blogger xml templates are available at the following site.You can also access them from my ‘Blogger Templates‘ links menu Following are a list of free blogger xml templates.

75 More Beautiful Blogger Templates

Collected from some of the best sources on the web. With 75 More beautiful Blogger XML templates different-looking Blogger templates and found dozens of pretty creations, many inspired by themes from WordPress and other blog hosts. Below is a list of some select 2,3 and 4 column Blogger templates and themes sourced from across the blogosphere. Enjoy.